Q: Are the tents easy to set up?

A. Yes , the set up is fast and easy. see a video here of the SET UP.

Q: Are the Standing Room Tents waterproof and do they have a floor?

A: Yes the Standing Room Tents have a seamless, rugged PU-coated taffeta nylon bathtub floor for absolute waterproof protection. The tents do a good job of repelling water however if you expect heavy rain conditions we recommend treating the tent with a waterproofing product such as Dry Guy Waterproofing

Q: What color Standing Room Tents are available?

A: Standing Room Tents colors are currently solid navy blue and tan.

Q:Do I need a 10×10 straight leg canopy for this Standing Room Tent to fit?

A: The Standing Room tent 100 requires a 10×10 straight leg canopy. However the Standing Room tent 64 will be available in June 2012 and is designed for the 10×10 slant leg style canopy.

Q: What type of fabric is the Standing Room Tents made out of?

A: The Standing Room Tents are made from rip-stop water-resistant polyester with a UV-resistant finish and fire retardant treatment (all seams double stitched and taped)

Q: How long does it take to set up the Standing Room Tent?

A: nice feature of the tent is the simplicity and ease of setting up the Standing Room Tents, so that even the youngest campers can jump in and help and be effective. Easily set up in under 10 minutes.

Q: Is the Standing Room Tent a regular tent? Does it have a floor? Can you zip the door & windows & sleep, & be protected from rain.

A: The Standing Room Tents have a floor and the windows and doors zip shut so that the rain stays out. The ceiling of the tent is waterproof but the roof of the canopy gives you secondary protection from the rain virtually guaranteeing a waterproof environment.

Q: What gazebos/canopies go with the Standing Room Tents ?

A: Most any 10×10  gazebo/canopy will work with the Standing Room Tents . The key points to have are the following:
* Must be 10×10
* Must have straight legs (for the SR100) slant legs or straight legs-with bungee cords (for the SR64).
*Must have cathedral style/dome style roof (no pole in the middle).

Q: Can a 6′ 6″ person stand up in this Standing Room Tent?

A: The Standing room Tent has a 102″ (8.5 feet) center, so even the tallest camper can stand up and have plenty of room.

Q: Can the Standing Room Tents be assembled by one person?

A: Yes it is easy to assemble the Standing Room Tents.

Q: Could you use a 12×12 canopy with the Standing Room Tents?

A: Yes, you could use the Standing Room Tents with a 12×12. You could easily compensate for the larger shelter by purchasing some short bungee cords (12″) and attach to hooks supplied by the manufacturer. This would also give you more rain coverage as an added benefit.